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Apricot Beauty Tulip

For planting in Fall of 2023
Shipping starts the last week of September!!


Apricot Beauty Tulip has a genuine elegance with soft apricot peach flowers. One of the most popular varieties in the tulip world with a long-lasting blooming period.

          1 order (10 bulbs)         
1 order - $11.95
2 or more orders- $10.95 each

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Tulipa - Single early

Perennial, zones 3-8

Bulb Planting Depth: 5-6”,  Plant pointed end up

Height:  14-16”

Spacing:  5-6 bulbs per square foot, 4-6” apart

Light Needs: Full sun to light shade

Soil Needs:  Average to fertile, well-drained

Bloom Time:  Mid-spring 

Uses:  Flower beds, containers, rock gardens, borders, cut flowers

Care:  Amend soil with compost before planting tulips. Feed with a granular flower bulb fertilizer at planting time or in the spring when the leaves emerge. Cut back spent flowers and allow foliage to die back naturally before removing it (4-6 weeks after flowering). In southern climates, with mild winters the bulbs will need to have a chill period for 6-12 weeks before planting. Tulips do not like a lot of heat and tend to bloom longer when planted in a site with morning sun rather than just afternoon sun.