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Cauliflower Seeds

Our cauliflower seed packets for sale are just the right size for a home garden. We offer open pollinated, hybrid, heirloom and organic cauliflower seeds. Cauliflower has been growing for over two thousand years throughout the world and is a descendant of the wild cabbage found on the coast of western European, later it was domesticated in the Mediterranean region. It spread to Europe by the 1500’s, finally being introduced to American gardens during the 1600’s. The varieties of cauliflower seeds for sale below come in white, green, and purple colored heads along with the other worldly appearing Italian romanesco type. When you buy cauliflower seeds online from us today you can be confident with your purchase because all of our seeds are non GMO and if you need help growing cauliflower please give us a call, we are here to help you have successful gardening experience.