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White Horehound

Remember those old fashion bitter horehound cough drops? A bitter and pungent herb, Horehound has been used medicinally since the time of the ancient Greeks. It is known for its ability to clear congested lungs and used for coughs and colds. The plants are 2 feet tall with fuzzy gray-green leaves and tiny white, snapdragon shaped flowers that are held in the leaf junctions.  

70 seeds



Marrubium vulgare

Perennial, zones 4-9

Germination: 14-21 days

Germination Temperature:Optimum soil temperatures 65-70ºF

Seed Planting Depth:  Sow on the surface, seeds need light to germinate

Starting Indoors:  Start indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Provide 65-70ºF soil temperature forgermination.Sow a few seeds per individual cell or pot, thin to the strongest seedling, or start in a 20-row tray, then transplant into larger cells/pots/containers. Transplant outside after the last frost,10-12" apart.

Sowing Outdoors: Direct sow around the last frost date. Sow seeds close together in a row and when thinning out the seedlings transplant them to other places in the garden. 

Growth Habit:  Tall, upright 

Height and Width:24' x 18-24"

Spacing: 10-12” apart  

Light Needs: Full sun 

Soil Needs:Average to poor, dry, well drained

Flowering: Second season, early summer to late summer

Harvest: Leaves, just before the plant starts to produce flowers 

Uses: Medicinal, culinary, attracts bees

Care: Cut back after flowering for a fresh crop of leaves


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